Frequently Asked Questions About 717 Laundry Service

We work Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We do close for major US holidays.

A recurring customer commits to laundry service weekly or bi-weekly. It saves some time because you don't have to schedule the pickup. It saves some money too as it is 10 cents a pound less than one-time service.

Not a problem. Tell us in the software where you will leave your clothes. Examples: On the front porch, on the back patio, in an unlocked garage, behind the gate, or with the apartment manager. The same is true when we return the clothes if you can't be home.

Let us know when you schedule that you want your pickup/delivery to be contactless. We will text you when we are our next stop and you can put your bag of clothes on the porch. When we return your clothes, we will knock on your door and leave.

Please tell us where you have a covered area that we can leave the bag of clothing, if not we will reschedule for a time you can be home. 

Go to the Schedule a Pickup button. The prompts will guide you through this process.

There is a $30 minimum order. 

No, there is no contract. We know you will stay with us if you are happy with the service.

Absolutely, you can change your requests every time we do an order for you or some people always keep their requests the same.

Absolutely, as long as your work place is in the areas that we deliver.

Put anything that is stained in a separate bag and pin a note on it. If you pretreat it when the stain occurs, our success in removing the stain will be greater.

We reserve the right to charge a fee if you do not cancel your order in advance and the driver arrives at your home and there is no laundry to pick up.