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Commercial Laundry Service for Medical Offices and Massage Therapy Centers

717 Laundry Service does commercial laundry for the medical industry. We do linen cleaning for hospitals and clinics. We do towel cleaning for doctors and dentists. We launder scrubs for nurses. Our commercial laundry service washes lab coats for physicians and medical technicians. We provide laundry service for mammography clinics and the laundering of the robes. If you run a long term medical facility or a senior/rehab residential housing facility then you would benefit from our laundry service. No matter what branch of medicine you are involved in, we can do your laundry in a safe and sanitary way.

Commercial Laundry Service for Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists

We launder towels, pillow cases, and uniforms for physical therapy offices. It is important that the clothing is clean and smells fresh.

We launder sheets and towels for massage therapists. They work with oils and we know how to get it out of the linen.

Veterinarians & Pet Hospitals

We launder lots of towels for pet hospitals. We launder jackets and uniforms for the veterinarians and their staff. Our four-legged friends deserve clean laundry as well!

Please call or email us to get a quote. Giving us the job of doing laundry for your business will allow you to have more time to run your business. Looking forward to hearing from you. (717) 884-9343 or