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Commercial Laundry Service for Nail and Hair Salons

Our commercial laundry service does towel cleaning for hair salons and barber shops. We also launder the capes that the patrons use. This quality laundry is also offered to nail salons who use lotions on their patrons. Let us pickup all of your business linen and launder it for you.

Pet Grooming

Our commercial laundry does linen cleaning for pet groomers. It takes lots of towels to dry off the pooches. Don't worry. We know that wet towels are heavy. We wait until your towels are dry and folded before weighing them!

Please call or email us to get a quote. Giving us the job of doing laundry for your business will allow you to have more time to run your business. Looking forward to hearing from you. (717) 884-9343 or