Keeping You Safe and Your Laundry Clean

March 23, 2021

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The world is changing quickly. Covid helped push some of these changes. Many people decided to shelter in place and stopped eating out. Instead, they used Door Dash or Uber Eats. They stopped grocery shopping themselves and had the store deliver. They stopped shopping and went on Amazon. Washing clothes was no different. People decided they didn't want to go into a laundromat and spend a couple of hours with people they didn't know and they looked for an alternative.

That's where laundry service pickup and delivery came to be. In addition to the Covid fear, others found themselves without time. The kids were not in school or in a hybrid school and parents had to supervise their school work. Working at home meant helping out the kids while attempting to get their own work completed. Something had to give.

Although the owners of 717 Laundry Service are laundromat owners, they are aware that many of you need an alternate service to help you with your needs. Imagine packing the dirty laundry in a bag, placing it on your doorstep, and getting back laundered and folded clothes 48 hours later. Imagine what you could do with the extra time that you would have spent in the laundromat.

You might spend that extra time finishing up a work project. You might decide you have the time to go back to school and take a few classes. You might spend the day playing with the children and taking them to the park. Or you might just decide to get a manicure instead of going to the laundry. The list is endless.

We are laundry professionals. We know how much soap you need in different size washing machines. We know how to fold your clothes so they look like new items. We never let your clothes sit in a dryer and wrinkle because we are too busy to fold your clothes right away. We know what the best laundry detergents are. We will wash and fold your clothes professionally. We even know how to fold fitted king-size sheets!

Let 717 Laundry Service pickup and deliver your clothes. You figure out what you would like to do if you only had the time!

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